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80% Ringspun cotton, 20% Polyester


XS* 34″ S 36″ M 40″ L 44″ XL 48″ 2XL 52″ 3XL† 56″ 4XL△ 60″ 5XL△ 62″

*XS only available in these colours. †3XL only available in these colours. △4XL – 5XL only available in these colours



JH003 Arctic White French Navy Hoodie

Arctic White & French Navy

JH003 Arctic White Hot Pink Hoodie

Arctic White & Hot Pink

JH003 Baby Pink Arctic White Hoodie

Baby Pink & Arctic White

JH003 Bottle Green Fire Red Hoodie

Bottle Green & Fire Red

JH003 Burgundy Charcoal Hoodie

Burgundy & Charcoal*†

JH003 Burgundy Gold Hoodie

Burgundy & Gold

JH003 Burgundy Oxford Navy Hoodie

Burgundy & Oxford Navy

JH003 Candyfloss Pink Hot Pink Hoodie

Candyfloss Pink & Hot Pink

JH003 Charcoal Burgundy Hoodie

Charcoal & Burgundy

JH003 Charcoal Heather Grey Hoodie

Charcoal & Heather Grey

JH003 Charcoal Jet Black Hoodie

Charcoal & Jet Black*

JH003 Charcoal Orange Crush Hoodie

Charcoal & Orange Crush

JH003 Desert Sand Vanilla Milkshake Hoodie

Desert Sand & Vanilla Milkshake

JH003 Fire Red Arctic White Hoodie

Fire Red & Arctic White

JH003 Fire Red Jet Black Hoodie

Fire Red & Jet Black*

JH003 Forest Green Gold Hoodie

Forest Green & Gold

JH003 Hawaiian Blue Oxford Navy Hoodie

Hawaiian Blue & Oxford Navy

JH003 Heather Grey Fire Red Hoodie

Heather Grey & Fire Red*

JH003 Heather Grey French Navy Hoodie

Heather Grey & French Navy*†△

JH003 Heather Grey Jet Black Hoodie

Heather Grey & Jet Black

JH003 Heather Grey Sapphire Blue Hoodie

Heather Grey & Sapphire Blue

JH003 Hot Chocolate Vanilla Milkshake Hoodie

Hot Chocolate & Vanilla Milkshake

JH003 Hot Pink French Navy Hoodie

Hot Pink & French Navy*

JH003 Hot Pink Heather Grey Hoodie

Hot Pink & Heather Grey*

JH003 Jet Black Arctic White Hoodie

Jet Black & Arctic White

JH003 Jet Black Fire Red Hoodie

Jet Black & Fire Red*†△

JH003 Jet Black Gold Hoodie

Jet Black & Gold†*

JH003 Jet Black Heather Grey Hoodie

Jet Black & Heather Grey†*

JH003 Jet Black Hot Pink Hoodie

Jet Black & Hot Pink*

JH003 Jet Black Kelly Green Hoodie

Jet Black & Kelly Green*

JH003 Jet Black Orange Crush Hoodie

Jet Black & Orange Crush*

JH003 Jet Black Purple Hoodie

Jet Black & Purple

JH003 Jet Black Sapphire Blue Hoodie

Jet Black & Sapphire Blue*

JH003 Jet Black Sun Yellow Hoodie

Jet Black & Sun Yellow

JH003 Kelly Green Arctic White Hoodie

Kelly Green & Arctic White

JH003 Kelly Green Sun Yellow Hoodie

Kelly Green & Sun Yellow

JH003 Lime Green Magenta Magic Hoodie

Lime Green & Magenta Magic

JH003 New French Navy Fire Red Hoodie

New French Navy & Fire Red†*

JH003 New French Navy Heather Grey Hoodie

New French Navy & Heather Grey*†△

JH003 New French Navy Sky Blue Hoodie

New French Navy & Sky Blue*

JH003 Oxford Navy Candyfloss Pink Hoodie

Oxford Navy & Candyfloss Pink

JH003 Oxford Navy Hawaiian Blue Hoodie

Oxford Navy & Hawaiian Blue

JH003 Oxford Navy Sun Yellow Hoodie

Oxford Navy & Sun Yellow

JH003 Purple Heather Grey Hoodie

Purple & Heather Grey

JH003 Purple Sun Yellow Hoodie

Purple & Sun Yellow*

JH003 Royal Blue Arctic White Hoodie Hoodie

Royal Blue & Arctic White*

Royal Sun Yellow Hoodie

Royal & Sun Yellow*

Sapphire Blue Heather Grey Hoodie

Sapphire Blue & Heather Grey*

Sapphire Blue Lime Green Hoodie

Sapphire Blue & Lime Green

Sapphire Blue Orange Crush Hoodie

Sapphire Blue & Orange Crush*

Sky Arctic White Hoodie

Sky & Arctic White

Sun Yellow Fire Red Hoodie

Sun Yellow & Fire Red

About This Product

Modern and versatile, our varsity hoodie is available in an array of excellent contrasts making it the ideal casual wear hoodie.

*No minimum order requirements for vinyl printed products. Minimum orders may apply for DTG & Embroidery. Please contact us for more information.

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